League of Legends Betting Tips

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League of Legends Betting Tips

League of Legends is one of the world's most popular multiplayer online battle arena video games and as a result, we now have plenty of betting sites dedicated to them, which is why we want to provide you with the best League of Legends betting tips. The League of Legends video game was released in 2009, and it is a multiplayer online battle arena game.

Developed and published by Riot Games, League of Legends, also known simply as LoL, is the world’s largest esport and there is a highly competitive worldwide competition consisting of different regional leagues. On this page, we are going to look more closely at League of Legends betting , including League of Legends betting tips and the LEC schedule 2023 .

1. League of Legends Betting Tips

When some players first start out to bet on League of Legends they mistakenly believe that because they have studied an esports betting guide for beginners they can jump straight in and make substantial profits. However, there is no room for overconfidence in this form of betting, so it is important not to push things too hard, too quickly and better still have some set strategies to follow. Before, we start, make a note to also check out our article on how to make money betting on esports.

1.1 Know the Players

First off, it is advisable to get fully acquainted with the best players and teams, as it is crucial to gain an understanding of how the different game conditions can have a significant impact. Punters should look to analyse team performance and look beyond win-loss records, but rather focus on studying strengths and weaknesses.

Take into consideration individual player skills and their roles within the team, taking time to evaluate consistency of performance. Identifying patterns and trends in team dynamics can give valuable insight for predicting in-game actions and spot potential upsets.

1.2 Gameplay knowledge

By learning to distinguish between things such as a marksman, a mage, and an assassin, alongside recognising the importance of particular game modes, can make all the difference in League of Legends gambling. With a certain amount of game-play knowledge, it will become easier to identify trademark moves and pick the exact time to take a League of Legends bet.

1.3 Choose the Right Bookmaker

Another Lol betting strategy which probably sounds obvious but can be overlooked is choosing the right brand to actually use. In esports betting on League of Legends has some of the most popular events and this has been picked up by the bookmakers. Read further to find out what are our recommendations for LoL bookmakers!

Although the LoL competitions might get great promotion, some online establishments are a little less reputable, so it is always best to stick to sites with a good name in the industry. That way it will be possible to use any League of Legends betting tips with maximum freedom, knowing that the platform of choice is secure and also more likely to provide the best and most realistic odds.

1.4 Utilise the Odds

Appreciating what the best odds and markets are is essential for successful LoL gaming. Utilizing them strategically can assist in making informed decisions on any wagers to be placed.

However, when it comes to following a League of Legends tips and strategy policy, a really vital component to always look for is true value in the betting, and often that comes by taking advantage of any bookmaker bonuses, usually in the form of a new player welcome package. It can deliver the best possible start, giving a great opportunity to get profits up and running right from the off. Matched deposits, or refunded losses can make all the difference and is a must for anyone curious of how to bet on League of Legends.

1.5 Bankroll Management

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, proper bankroll management is a fundamental detail to abide by if League of Legends betting is to be successful. It is probably true in all gambling, but it is vital to set a budget and just as key, to stick to it.

Chasing losses is a guaranteed way to quickly end a League of Legends betting experience before it has had a chance to properly begin. Learning from both winning and losing bets will assist in refining approaches, but only if the funds remain available, so a steady mind can pay dividends.

2. How to Bet on League of Legends

LoL betting begins with signing up for an online sportsbook, and we will come to the best League of Legends betting sites in the next section. Do not forget to take advantage of any promo codes, or bonus codes for existing customers to claim a bonus when creating a new account.

League Of Legends Betting Site Promo Code
bet365 BCODE or JBUSA (US players only)
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Unibet Reveal the code

Having chosen a League of Legends betting site, you must make a deposit. You will find the odds in the Esports section of the bookmaker. Click on the odds for the team you believe is going to win the event, and they will load automatically in your betting slip. Check our eSports betting strategies and tips, add your stake, place the bet, and watch the action unfold.

3. Top LoL Betting Markets

There is no need to wonder what bets can you place on LoL as some of [b]the most popular League of Legends bets include:

  • Match winner
  • Odd/even
  • Correct score
  • Map winner
  • First blood
  • Handicap bets
  • Outright bets
  • Handicap bets
  • First baron/dragon slayed

The latter of which put the favourite at a disadvantage, meaning you can back them at bigger odds. As you can see there are a lot of options to choose from, and if you want to dive even deeper into the world of betting be sure to check the over/under betting - variants.

4. Best League of Legends Betting Sites

There are several excellent League of Legends betting sites available, and we recommend choosing from bet365 (bet365 bonus code), 1xBit (1xBit promo code), 1xBet (1XBET promo code), Betwinner (BetWinner promo code India), and Unibet (Unibet promo code). The most obvious thing to say about these online bookmakers is they all offer League of Legends betting odds throughout the LEC season.

Before the LEC Summer Split begins, all five of the online sportsbooks highlighted above will offer betting odds for the outright winner. These odds are available before the competitions begins and will then fluctuate as the tournament progresses. It is a good time to bet if you strongly fancy the chances of a team because the odds could shorten throughout the competition.

When having a bet on League of Legends during the tournament, a wide variety of betting options become available. All five of our recommended League of Legends betting sites offer live betting and that means you can bet on individual matches as they happen.

The markets and odds are not the only reasons to choose a bookmaker for League of Legends betting. You must consider the payment methods and ensure the sportsbook of your choice accepts a payment method you like to use. bet365, 1xBit, 1xBet, Betwinner, and Unibet all come with a wealth of payment options, and some, including 1xBit and 1xBet, accept cryptocurrency. All our top League of Legends betting sites offer a livestreaming service, and that means you can follow the whole LEC 2023 schedule live, which is perfect is you decide to place an in-play bet.

Also, if you are still not sure about the whole idea of betting on eSports, and you would rather stick with playing at regular online casinos, we have something extra just for that! There is an ongoing promotion at iWild for everyone who registers with our iWildcasinopromocode, so feel free to reed our article on that topic whenever you like!

5. League of Legends betting sites – FAQ

5.1 ❓Can you bet on League of Legends?

Yes, League of Legends is one of the most popular esport for betting online.

5.2 ❓Is it possible to bet live on League of Legends?

Yes, all the top online bookmakers offer League of Legends betting markets and live-streaming.

5.3 ❓What are the best websites to bet on League of Legends?

The best League of Legends betting sites are bet365, 1xBit, 1xBet, Betwinner, and Unibet.

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